Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kittens, Icicles, and Humphrey Status Report

Okay, so the hard-core winter storm here just outside of Houston amounted to a lot of wet ground and little-teeny-tiny icicles clinging to things off the ground. Not that I like the threat to life and all, but I really like it when a storm comes through that is just enough to offset the routine of life. The kind of storm where everyone gets a stay-home-free card and you get to steal a day away from life's routine doing something perhaps a little different, even if only seeing daylight in a different spectrum. Meh.

On the other hand, Humphrey seems to be doing fine despite all the nasty weather...He is darkening up a bit more and really starting to look like the fine and tasty shroom I know he will be.

and the lil' kitties from under the house are snuggled up in their shanty-shack, warm and toasty on their heating pad. I had to belly-crawl under the house to locate them and then two-at-a-time, bring their lil' wild-ass-spitting selves out to put them in their happy-hut on the front porch. Yeah I know, I'm turning into a "cat lady."


Mitch! said...

I call those "nubcicles"

Thanks for the heating pad tip! Our little Bitty Kitty has been snuggled up in her basket for two days! Of course our cats have staked claim on our bed, which makes it a little crowded, especially since Gabrielle "Gabrizilla" is like 25 lbs!

Michael-Ann said...

I can just see you and C snuggled up with all those wonderfully warm plus-size cats! Funny!

Biddie said...

RE your 'cycles: I was wondering how bad your area got it - I remember (from my days over yonder on your side of the big M. River) how little icy days could wipe out the whole city full of folks not used to winter driving conditions.

Sure hope Daisy and Ryder are doing okay out there at Coyote Run.

RE Humphrey: He looks fine - there seems to be some tiny cousins turning tan in the background.

RE kitties: I bet you did have a time getting them out from under your house!!!!! Where there more than 3? Is momma still feeding them? Looking at all the different colors, there was a heck of a lot of partying going on in that cat community, to say the least!

Michael-Ann said...

Yep! I think Momma was playing on the wild side with her latest excursion...Momma kitty is still feeding them, they seem to be fine.

Shelli said...

the lil kitties are so cute!

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