Monday, January 08, 2007

you may or may not have noticed the new little "banner thingee" on the right. I discovered that website today. Interesting how it works, kind of like a super glue between all blogs...connects bloggers like myspace does, but connects ALL types of online journals...and allows people who go to specific blogs (shared interest thing) to talk about those blogs - outside the blogs, in a blog format. Hee hee, that sounded kinda blog-silly. Oh well, I fearlessly staggered into its realm and learned about some new art blogs. Some of which won a prestigious link spot in my blog side bar. I just KNOW they are thrilled.
Okay, I had to append to this post as I know that my lame-self-depricating-sarcasm does not read well. Truth is, I like the way MyBlogLog connects bloggers, I like learning about new artists and art things, and unrelated to the arts-I like interactivity. I like doing something on a computer and getting feedback...AND I like connecting in some small way with people and places I would never have the opportunity if not for the internet. The WWW is like an alternate universe that allows itself to be explored as intimately as you desire (or have the patience for) making every galaxy, star, planet, moon, space trash, clearly visible to the naked eye.
So on another note, The artist Ashley Cecil has a very neat way of selling her art... Every work she sells, she seems to give some sort of donation to various non-profit and social activist groups. Some where on her site I read the words "Bringing about social change through art..." She even encourages her blog readers to write in about groups so that she can check them out for future projects. What a cool way to give back to the world with your own gift.

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