Sunday, January 28, 2007

Baby yer greens are the best!

First a confession: I have a cold.

Fever, achey, stuffy-head, yucky cold. I came down with it the day after I walked in the rain with a buzz... Anyway, I have NOT been contributing to the household happenings as I should have been the last few days because my energy level has been, well, zilch, zip, nada. Yet despite my days-long-lazy-fest this morning my honey made collard greens seasoned with onion and fried bacon and garlic and beef broth for breakfast. Coffee and greens... yum! Damn dem some good greens go on and getchya some!


Biddie said...

I'd be willing to try those collard greens just on the basis that I know Gordy is a pretty good cook.

BUT - I think that I'd just stick to the coffee, thank ya.

Hope you feel better soon!!!!

Cheryl said...

I just realized that the call on my cell phone was from a few days ago...sorry for the confusion. Hope you feel better soon, and Gordy is truly a genius as the only way I would ever eat collard greens would be with bacon. I do miss okra you remember that? Crunchy okra!

Shelli said...

sorry ya don't feel well sweetheart! get better soon! i'm sure Gordy's greens will help!

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