Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hijacked Blogspot!

My mother changed her blogspot address as she was working on it.
Someone has taken the domain and it reroutes to IP address:

Where there is currently some kind of bogus login. Trying to report it to blogger is daunting because all the pre-determined support issues to choose from don't say anything like: My domain has been hijacked.

Mom, Gordy thinks you might have some spyware on your 'puter that facilitated this. If you are using Internet Explorer to surf the web, I stongly suggest downloading and using Firefox. You may want to download something like "Spybot Search and Destroy" and run it ASAP.

p.s. Here are the URLs to download the Firefox browser and Spybot:



Mitch! said...

YIKES! How aweful and frustrating. Good luck there.

Biddie said...

Hey Michael-Ann!!

Thanks for the info and the help.

I changed the blog's name and the link on my webpage that links to it - so all is working again. ((

I'm sorry for all the mess caused by my naive actions!!

However, blogger sure hides itself and doesn't allow any ad hoc requests for help - so be careful of experimenting with your blogs!

Mike Macgirvin said...

I had a similiar situation several months ago. It looked like my domain got hijacked; when it fact the hosting provider just messed up their database and confused a few hundred entries. It was corrected in a few minutes once I got through to an intelligent human (this is always the hard part).

It can be very alarming connecting to your own website and finding somebody else's instead. What is interesting is that this incident turned into the tip of a rather large iceberg. A determined person with certain resources and skills could probably hijack most or all of the traffic to a domain for at least a brief amount of time. Any domain.

Biddie said...

question for "Mike Macgirvin":

How did you reach a live blogger rep?

Biddie said...

Checking in .... got fireFox downloaded, installed and I am currently using it.

Have to say that they did a great job on the product - pretty much seamless - picked up all my settings, history, etc. from IE ....

Thanks for the suggestion!!

Hope you are feeling better!!!!!

Mike Macgirvin said...

This was a different provider. I'm not certain that google has any humans in tech support.

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