Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Noofin new really

did recently learn about the group "Grizzly Bear" out of Brooklyn, NY - really like them. If you get a chance pick up their album "Yellow House" it makes for a nice evening listen when you are in the mood to go places in your head.

Here's a vid from the album (my favorite song on it actually)...Hope everyone is doing peachy :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Via Colori

Saturday was great... arrived at my square a little after nine and started to work. I was one of a few artists who happened to wind up working under one of the giant old live oaks just off the street - so when it started to drizzle a little i could continue working.

Managed to get most of my work done before i left for the day... then the rains came and washed most of everything away. Was a little sad to wander around with other artists Sunday looking at all the work that was washed away over night.

Since the festival was officially canceled the police officers would NOT let any of us draw (and we wanted to!) even though the street was still blocked off.

Here's a pic from about an estimated 3 hours prior to completion.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Via Colori is this weekend...

Two days of crawling arting on the streets of Houston to raise money for the Center for Hearing and Speech. I am looking forward to this quite a bit....hoping it will mean an end to my dry spell with creating. Thinking i will do another Mona... as i have many to go before reaching my goal of 100. Here's a quickie thrown together digital of something along the lines of what i think i will try.

The Morning After Jerkiness

It has been that slow creep from silent defense shields in place to tiny snippets of less awkward conversation sometimes accompanied by an o...