Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tomorrow, for dinner, I want to make cilantro rice and cuban black beans. Here are the two recipes that I will use as a basic guideline:

http://www.food.com/recipe/cuban-black-beans-233154 http://www.food.com/recipe/cilantro-rice-28113#activity-feed

I will deviate from the above recipes by using a smoked turkey leg in the beans. Will serve beans with a garnish of pico de gallo, queso fresco, sour cream, and a wedge of lime.

Tonight, Gordy is playing his guitars and has selected to watch a new TV series based on the movie The Exorcist. I went to Walmart this evening and purchased the ingredients for the next two dinners this week. Also got more cheap canned food to blend L-Lysine in with for the Nubby Buddha ferals. I am battling an outbreak of feline herpes. The L-Lysine, along with vitamin B (ground with a mortal and pestle), probiotics, and taurine, have made a remarkable difference in the health of the kittens. I've been supplementing the mothers with chewable L-Lysine tablets, and adding L-Lysine paste to the kittens' milk replacer.

Gordy made burgers on the Weber Grill tonight. I sliced up the tomatoes, onions, and pickles. However, I forgot to get lettuce at the store today. The burgers were the best tasting burgers ever. Gordy diced up bacon and blended it with the ground chuck. He also brushed the burgers with a basic BBQ sauce in addition to the seasonings: minced onion, minced garlic, salt & pepper, soy sauce, and worcestershire sauce.

Let me tell you that I am fighting my way through a really bad depression. I really need to find my ground and get a job. I deactivated my facebook account tonight because I just can't stand the garbage anymore. I will very much miss having "close contact" with some, but HAVE to get away from the rest.

I found out how come my eyes have been tearing and I have had trouble focusing all the time for the last year. I was putting on makeup with a magnifying mirror the other night and discovered an odd bubbly looking patch in my left eye. It looked like a large blister on the white part. Turns out I have conjunctivochalasis. It's a common thing for old people. Perhaps all the crying over the death of our bird "Shadow" forced fluid under the conjunctiva and made my "condition" obvious to me. I've been prescribed steroid drops to see if the conjunctiva will push out the fluids and bind more tightly to my eye. I found a decent article about conjunctivochalasis here:


Who the hell ever knew one's eyeball could wrinkle & sag?!! What other wonderful surprises are in store for me in my old age? I've got cataracts, Plantar fasciitis, and arthritis...and with all the critters I have worked with, I probably have worms and toxoplasmosis too, LOL!

We watched the movie called "Stardust." It is along the same lines as "The Princess Bride." That is all I have to write about right now. Good night.

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