Saturday, January 13, 2007

Google Translation

You may have noticed the little drop-down menu thing on the top-right for translating this page. I found that simple code on somebody's website (I sincerely wish I could remember whose to give them credit where credit is due). It is a little bit of code that loads the URL you designate automatically into googles translation tool. After you copy the HTML below, in each place where you see "" replace it with YOUR URL before you paste this code into your blogger template...

<!-- Begin Google Translator thingee -->
<form name="nav" width="90%">
<select name="SelectURL"onChange="document.location.href=document.nav.SelectURL.options[document.nav.SelectURL.selectedIndex].value">
<option value="" selected>Translate this Page</option>
<option value="">Spanish</option>
<option value="">Italian</option>
<option value="">French</option>
<option value="">Portuguese</option>
<option value="">Arabic</option>
<option value="">Japanese</option>
<option value="">Korean</option>
<!-- End Google Translator thingee -->

But now that i think of it - BUYER BEWARE! unless you trust who's webpage you are on, you may not want to use the translator drop-down as it would be totally easy to load a different (EVIL, BAD, DEADLY) URL into an unsuspecting person's browser. Cheers!

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