Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello peeps! Sitting here on the front porch, and it's rainy Tuesday morning here in Humble. Many of my feral feline buddies are hanging out with me. The art show last weekend wasn't as big a success as I might have hoped (that's right, I didn't sell anything) BUT everyone there was pleased with the turnout. I was very happy to spend time with Chelsea, Jamie, and Shannon... LOVE being with the kids. It was nice to see so many come out in support of me too.

I am relaxing a little now and beginning to enjoy school. My initial panic due to realizing I had to go back and teach myself parts of speech before I could get started on my homework has eased into a feeling of "okay I think I can do this thing...mostly"

I like my english teacher, she is a little spunky curly headed blonde who seems easily diverted into relating personal accounts, but certainly knows her english. She told us about having a mastectomy due to cancer and I have since noticed she makes no attempt to conceal the lack of one of her breasts, which I admire greatly... hmmm... wonder why?

It is interesting to be learning now what seemed so out of my grasp all those years at Kindle/Lindy. Back in the beginning I tried to do my best to write well when it was expected of me, but soon gave up and left it to my Nazi editor/boss to rewrite everything I did to the point of not being able to tell that I had originally written it at all. Oddly, despite my lack of training in grammar et al, I secretly felt my way of saying things made better sense than hers, I just needed "polishing" in the punction, grammar, and tense departments.

Gordy has been wanting to "upgrade" my old phone to an iPhone for quite some time. For my birthday he surprised me with a brand new iPhone. At first I was unimpressed with the complexity of it, but have quickly come to really like it and mostly for reasons unrelated to what one would typically use a phone for. You know the Apple saying "There's an app for that"? Well after perusing the app store I can tell you that is 100% true. Not only is there AN app for any conceivable thing - there are many apps. Kinda makes me wonder what app could G and I possibly do that hasn't been done pretty well already?

I have downloaded three apps now. Solitaire, Flickit Pro (a utility for uploading/viewing pics to Flickr on you phone, and an app called "Hipstamatic." The latter app is kinda cool, it emulates various old film camera lenses and films and creates old analog effects on the pics you take. Here's a link my Flickr set of random effects:

Well that is about all I have at the moment. Hope everyone is doing well and life is being kind to you.

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