Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sometimes i paint, sometimes cook.

Okay, so I have been in a cooking mood. From time to time I enjoy the heck out of being creative with food stuff. Of course, this does all to often end up in a culinary disaster, but other times it turns out to be a delightful diversion from the typical fare to be had in our house.

I went to the grocery store past Monday evening and without a list picked out atypical meats and fresh herbs, trying in my minds-palate to create combinations that would work okay. Upon returning home these are the entrées I ended up with:
  • Lamb Chops
  • Cornish Game Hens
  • Pork Loin
  • Ham Steaks
  • Cannellini Beans
  • 36 Ounces of Portobello Mushrooms
And here are the fresh herbs:
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  • Lemon Grass
  • Mint
  • Sweet Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Fennel

Now for the fun! I dig through the few international cookbooks I have at the house to see what kinds of things I can make with this food stuff.

Last night it was ham steak drizzled in a shallot/juniper berry/white wine vinegar reduction made into a creamy/wine sauce, (divine to say the least!) served with a side of parsley/romano new potatoes and asparagus baked with red bell peppers and olives.

The night before, we had home-made cream of portobello mushroom soup with a golden pastry crust on top, yum!

But tonight may turn out to be THE disaster night. You see, I found a recipe in an old French cookbook that calls for lamb chops to be marinated in olive oil and fennel, then cooked with black olives and of ALL things, Pernod- absinthe's successor without the wormwood.

WEIRD! Hey! but I have to give it a try... I had never heard of using absynthe or pernod as a cooking ingredient, (however, now that I discovered this recipe in my book, I "googled" and quickly found PLENTY of recipes using it.) I am not particularly fond of the flavor of absinthe (star anise gives it that strong black licorice flavor) - but who knows what happens to the flavor when combined with the other ingredients?! I have (regretfully) tried Limburger and survived, so as far as I am concerned, this meal can't be as awful to put in your mouth as say, Limburger, Century Eggs, or Durian fruit....right?!

I know, I know, you are so excited at this point that you just don't know if you can possibly maintain your composure until I post the results of this particular cooking adventure. Take heart! I will be merciful on your unsettled state of curious anticipation. I promise to be snappy about updating you.

p.s. Here's a great website containing everything you might ever want to know about absinthe: Absinthe Museum


Cheryl said...

Just gotta tell you, as a person that abhors cooking (too bad the phobia doesn't extend to eating!) that last post just scared the crap out of me. I am so not talented at culinary endeavors, I am amazed yet again at your bold & adventurous ways! For me, I hear absinthe, I think of Rasputin. I don't know why, perhaps I need help. But really, this multi talented stuff...sheesh! Oh let's not even go into the computer saavy. That's why God gave you pigeon toes, to slow you down! How else could I ever follow in your footsteps? Damn it, I will braise something before this night is done! (um...what is braising exactly?)

Michael-Ann said...

ummmm... i think braising is what a man does when perusing the erotic literature section at the book store? maybe? perhaps? ;)

Carolyn said... mouth is watering!!Go Girl!

Cheryl said...

OK, I didn't braise, I merely defrosted. But let me just say that the defrosting process has many perils of it's own...have you ever had your fingers stuck on a pack of frosty Grote & Weigels? I thought not. It is truly...shudder..a bad scene.

Carolyn said...

i finally figures out how to get on yo blog!!!:)

Biddie said...

hey! any sign of activity in that box of mushies???

Michael-Ann said...

HEY YOU GUYS!!!! Carolyn!!!!! Howdy woman! I love you bunches!

Michael-Ann said...

box of mushies????? whatever are you talking about Mom?

Cheryl said...

The portobellos she sent you for Xmas.

Michael-Ann said...

OHHHH!!!! *grin* They are hiding themselves even still as i write this. Every morning I check on their moisture content, hoping to see some small sign... nada! I worry... too much ambient light? too cold? too drafty? too warm? too dry???? surely they are hesitant only because they KNOW they are doomed to a single and final road-trip through my digestive track culminating in a stinky whirl-wind adventure of my potty.

Biddie said...

Think humanure .....

Michael-Ann said...

YES YES YES! Humanure!

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