Friday, December 29, 2006

Random thought #145,300,987,632,140

Most people seem to require the exacting and narrow path of a single religion. However, in my humble opinion, the pinnacle of humanity is being quite able to embrace the good of many religions and philosophies, while tossing aside those bits of doctrine driven by agendas and remain whole-heartedly on "the righteous path."


Biddie said...

From the various experiences that I have had with such, I have always been driven to ignore the structures defined by men (and women) who are more interested in reassuring their own identities. I look beyond to the more universal needs of developing fair and basic rules that will allow this savage and greedy species that we are to live in a peaceful and orderly manner with others of our species and the earth itself.

I think of this as the undefined universal ethics that people subconsciously apply behind their crude attempt to defined religions - most people can't deal with the intangible.

Whew - who turned that moose loose ???????

Michael-Ann said...

I like that Mom: "undefined universal ethics"

universal, as in universal truth, implies that the pool of ethics your speaking of goes much deeper than the puddle defined by mankind's manufactured guidelines- which seems to be mostly religion.

I sound godless, but I am not, I have strong faith in some one greater, and I don't think that greater being is hung up in the semantics of pronouns, proper names, or language.

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