Monday, December 25, 2006

The traditional Christmas Lasagna... now baking in the oven and I am having my traditional 2-3+ glasses of wine to celebrate the last how ever many hours spent in the kitchen roasting garlic, sauteing onions, bell peppers, zuchini squash, fresh herbs and spices, frying up 3 lbs of Italian sausage, stirring a delightful sauce as it simmers away...blah, blah, blah... I LOVE lasagna! Yummmm...I can't wait!

Chelsea, Jamie, Shannon, and Gordon are all here with us. Presents have been opened and every one has been watching their new movies in the living room as I cooked.

Chelsea has the flu, we have been keeping her bundled up and organically medicated for two days now.

I don't have a lot more to say other than if you come here and read this blog (the handful of folks whom I know do) I love you! I love my family so much, i love my friends, I am a very lucky woman for sure. It is times like this when we can be together that I know I would have never done my life differently knowing it would turn out this way.

So on that note... Merry Christmas!


Cheryl said...

Hugs from the Northern contingency! Merry Christmas, and I bet you're in a wonderful lasagna induced coma just about now. MMMMMMM....lasagna!
Tell the girls I said "Hello Dere!!"
Love ya

Cheryl said...

Also, please give Gordy (Jr) a hug for me, and tell him that I loved talking to him the few chances I had. I dedicate the next song to him...Salt'n'Pepa's "What a Man". Ok, everyone dance now! He was an amazing kid to talk to, I can only imagine the person he's grown into.
What a mighty good man! Be safe.

Mitch! said...

Cheers to you all!

Cheryl said...

I reviewed the lyrics to "What a Man"...uh, that's not quite what I meant..Anyway, how was the lasagna? How was your Christmas? How are you feeling? Update por favor...what's gnu?

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