Thursday, December 28, 2006


Hanging on to dreams... *
smiling all the while,
the world loves smiles!
thank ya world.


Mitch! said...


Cheryl said...

Hot cha cha! I like your new profile pic! You look like a sexy little minky artist! Everyone keeps telling me I look pissed off in mine...I guess my "serious writer" face is a bust. Well, just stopped by to say Hello Dere! Have a peachy day, & keep smiling.

Biddie said...

M.A. - are you wearing GLASSES now??? When did this happen?????

An inquiring Mom wants to know!!!!

and, oh, I hope your day brings you genuine smiles .....

Michael-Ann said...


sessy lil smiling minky (by the way, is that "minky" as in Inspector Clouseau "minky"?) i Yam.

I didn't think you had a pissed look, i thought it was more of a "Now where's the damn button on the camera?" look.

Yep, glasses fer reading, about a year now. I find I need them at night more than anything. Had to break down and get them after I realized my arm was no longer long enough.

Lots o' smiling up in here :D

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