Friday, December 29, 2006

4:30 on a Friday

It has been dreadfully quiet here at work all week. I am so tired of looking at a computer screen I could poke out my own eyeballs to avoid having to do so ever again.

There are only three members of our crew here at work, we three are distributed throughout the building in such a way that if you drew a line between us it would create a scalene triangle of which the shortest distance is about 50% of the longest of three sides, and the mid-length side is approximately 85% of the longest side. The two people who are located at the points at either end of the shortest side are in cubicles (I am one of those points) so there hasn't been much bantering today at work. Approximately three times today we all got up and converged at some point between us and briefly talked about whatever came to mind.

The three topics d'jour:

1) A discussion about work we were doing.
2) A discussion about a meeting we will have next week updating our coworkers on work we have been doing.
3) A discussion about how quiet it has been here this week.

Right now Gordy and Chelsea are headed toward Austin to return Chelsea to her rightful home. It has been grey, rainy, and windy outside all day.


Biddie said...

SCALENE TRIANGLE !!! jumping jehosaphat!!

And, an ACUTE TRIANGLE back at ya ...

Michael-Ann said...

hee hee

Mitch! said...

Yowza! Me thinks you should move your daughters back to Houston.

I got to paint today...a corner cabinet that next week I will apply gold to. Yuck! Oh wait, that's next year. AND I found and bought 2/3's of cord of fire wood! Woo Hoo!
So you bring your bored self and your man down here to the Heights on Sunday for a Broo Ha Ha!


Jamie Lee said...


Don't you mean that my mom should move to Austin, Birdies and Gordies in tow?

Because I'm sure that's what you meant, after all.

Mitch! said...

Find your phone yet?

Mitch! said...

NO y'all have to move here. We'll all move to Austin before the fall of 2008. To avoid the "Great Flood of '08" Now start packing!

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