Saturday, December 30, 2006


The guys took off with their bikes loaded in the back of the truck for Herman Park. They may ride around by the park, they may go to the zoo, they may go to the Museum of Science, they may do something else completely spontaneous. The mood here before they left was one of somber quiet, with smatterings of insignificant partial sentences. Gordy will be leaving us tomorrow morning. We don't know when we will see him again next time, most likely it is after he does some time in Iraq. Last night I could not bring myself to turn off the news radio in the bedroom as I listened to people speculate what was likely to happen in Iraq following the execution of Saddam.

Life is weird. With the chain of unlikely and unrelated events I find myself here, selfishly loving this young man like my own son, wishing I could do something to make it better, wishing I had words of wisdom to give him, falling sadly short on all accounts, only able to ask him to please wear his damn glasses despite the fact that they are uncomfortable.

He is not ready to go and is frustrated with every moment he spent sleeping or watching TV while he was on leave. His father and I are hardly prepared to tell him goodbye tomorrow. I suppose we will try to treat it like every other time we have said goodbye, like when he left for school in the morning or was taking the dog for a walk or going to work for the evening. We certainly won't let him see us cry. We will wait until we are walking out of the airport like last time. yep.

I know he won't come here to read this, he thinks my blog is boring :) so i feel okay about indulging in a little sadness. I am going to miss him and our private discussions about life/death/humanity/religion... seems every time we get together we have a tendency to "go to the dark side." shit, i hope that he comes back okay.


MarcTwyman said...

Hey Michael-Ann,

Just stopped by to say "hello"


Also, I can understand that you would be worried about your boy going to Iraq. I wish I has some words of wisdom but I am an idiot.

Still you just gotta believe that he is going to be fine.

Michael-Ann said...

Hi Marc! Hello!!

You sir are far from being an idiot!

Thank you, and I'll be working on the belief part.

I really need to get away from everything and spend an evening listening to you make your music. For that matter, everyone I know SHOULD come see and hear you play. I hope all is well and wonderful in your neck o' the woods tonight.

Biddie said...

I can't keep my eyes from welling up - Gordy is the first young man that I've known that is heading out for Lord-knows-what.

I get so furious at the insane, immature mentality of Bush, et al. that bullied thru the decision to go into Iraq - military CAN'T always be the answer to whatever whim our "leaders" have. When will the military ever learn? Yes, S.H. was a horrible person but this Iraq invasion was not the way to solve the problem.
Now terrible forces have been unleashed that are going to take more than the military and decades of time can turn around.
And our dear Gordy, as one of many, is destined to face the consequences !!!!

Biddie said...

Please, Guardian Angels, protect him .....

Cheryl said...

I'm at a loss of words...everything seems to trite to say. Sending love your way.

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