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Timeline for Brewster: Monroe, Manhattan, Brooklyn

1609 The first Dutch expedition to New York
1626 The Dutch buy Manhattan from the Indians for about $23
1653 Wall Street is erected
1690 Yellow fever outbreak in New York, New York
1707 Queen Anne of England grants "Cheesecock Patent"
Later becomes Southfield, then Monroe - Birthplace of Velveeta cheese
1712 Slave Revolt in New York City
1747 Measles outbreak in CT NY PA SC

1774 William Brewster born in Cheesecocks, Orange County, NY
1774 Sarah Mapes born in Cheesecocks, Orange County, NY

1775 Beginning of the American Revolutionary War (William is one year)
1776 Washington's Battle of Long Island (William is two)
1783 End of the Revolutionary War (William is nine)
1783 Washington resigns as Commander-and-chief at Frances Tavern
1785 Ellis Island is acquired by Samuel Ellis
1789 George Washington is sworn in as first president at Federal Hall
1789 Beginning of the French Revolution
1796 After 2nd term as US president, Washington issues "Farewell Address"
1799 End of the French Revolution
1803 Napoleonic Wars Begin
1803 Yellow fever outbreak in New York

1808 Frances Rebecca Potter Brewster born 26 Mar 1808, Southfield NY

1810-1850 Peak years of Underground Railroad.
There is a safehouse in Monroe, NY

1811-1812 William marries Sarah Mapes
Sarah has twins from a previous marriage Caroline and Cornelia Mapes

1812 Beginning of the War of 1812 (Prelude to Napoleonic Wars)
1815 Treaty of Ghent marks end of the War of 1812

1816 According to age on 1850 Census this would be year John Van Cortlandt Brewster is born
(Son of William and Sarah) Southfield (Monroe), NY

1815 End Napoleonic Wars

1824 Sarah Mapes dies in Monroe, Orange County, NY
From the Independent Republican
Goshen, Orange County, NY: Mon, 2 Feb 1824-

"A woman, the wife of Wm Brewster of Monroe was found dead in the town in an open field about 40 rods from the road. She was missed on the 2nd and found on the 9th, between which periods she must have been lying in the fields. A jug of whiskey was found under her body. The jury, summoned by Robert Fowler Esq. brought in a verdict that she died in a state of intoxication.

1832 Cholera Epidemic of New York City claims 3,515 people
1835 The Great Fire burns through Manhattan

1836 William Wellington Brewster born 15 July, 1836 to JVC Brewster and Rebecca in Monroe, Orange County, NY
1840 JVC and Rebecca living together, with 1 son & 1 daughter under 5yrs (WW & Mary E.) Census: Monroe, Orange County NY

1841 Erie Railroad makes it to Monroe, provides easy access to NYC.
Monroe's Dairy and Iron business see substantial increase in demand
1848 New York Herald was the first major newspaper on east coast to report the gold rush in California
1849 Cholera Outbreak in NY

1850 JVC Brewster (34y) Rebecca (41y) living with William W. (14y), Mary E. (12y), Orilla M (10y) Census NY Ward 5
1857 John Brewster, machinist, h 126 St. Marks pl.
1858 William Wellington and Anna McConnell are married
1858 Rebecca Frances Potter Brewster Dies 28, Nov. 1858 New York City
1859 William Clinton Brewster (son of WW and Anna) born in Manhattan NY
1860 William Wellington (24y), Anna(25y), and baby William (1mo) (Census: NY Ward 17, District 8,)

1861 Begin Civil War
1862 President Abraham Lincoln issues first Emancipation Proclamation 22 Sep 1862
1862 President Lincoln's Homestead Act signed into law on May 20
1863 President Lincoln issues second order of Emancipation Proclamation 1 Jan 1863
1865 End Civil War
1867 First Tenement House Act (WW is 31 years, his son WC is 7)
1871 Boss Tweed arrested and held on $8 mil bail, dies in jail 1878
1876 Brooklyn Theater Fire kills 273–300 people in Brooklyn, NY

1879 WC and Elizabeth F. McCluskey married in Manhattan
1880 WW and Anna Residence in Manhattan, Ladies Underwear manufacturer
WW (44y), Anna (44y), Fanny (19y), Mary (13y), Elizabeth (23y) Census
1880 George Wellington Born to WC and Elizabeth in Manhattan
1880 WC and Elizabeth residence Manhattan
WC is an Embroiderer, George is 1 month old) Census Manhattan

1883 Brooklyn Bridge is completed
1886 The Statue of Liberty is dedicated
1888 The Great Blizzard of 1888 (March 11—March 14)
Snowfalls of 40-50 inches fell in parts of NJ, NY, MA and CT.
1889 The Wall Street Journal prints its first paper


1891 1-year old John Brewster dies in Manhattan Brewster Apr 10 1891 cert#12298 Manhattan. Could this have been a son of George Wellington and Elizabeth?
I have received a copy of this certificate and the child was apparently left with only his name at the steps of the Infants Hospital in Rhode Island. Nothing was known of his parents or where he came from. He was 1 year, 12 days. Cause of death: Laryngists Catarrh

1895 Disastrous fire breaks out in Monroe Village destroying many old buildings

The town forms its own fire department the same year as a result
1899 Windsor Hotel Fire East 47th St/5th Ave Manhattan, NY, 33-45 deaths

1899 Reported in the Brooklyn Eagle on Sept 5, 1899

Aug 23 a George Brewster from Brooklyn was in Pennsylvania and had an accident while attempting to board a train. He slipped and one foot was crushed under the wheels. Was taken to a hospital and had to have a leg amputated just below the knee. (George would have been 19y at the time) Is this our George?
1900 George Wellington Brewster(20y) is living with his grandfather WW Brewster (63y) back in Monroe, NY (Census)

1904 First subway opens, estimated 150,000 passengers on that day

1905 George marries Mary A. Lowe Nov. 28, 1905 in Manhattan NY
1906 William Wellington dies April 7 1906 in Monroe, Orange County buried in Calvary Cemetery, Brooklyn
1908 Dorothy Brewster is born to George and Mary on 03 Mar 1908, Brooklyn, NY

1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on 25 March, New York City: 146 workers died.
Paved way to improved factory working standards and fueled growth of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union
1914 Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria marks beginning of WWI
1917 Zimmerman telegram, Woodrow Wilson declares war on Germany.
1918-1920 Spanish Flu Pandemic beginning, claims over 50 million people world-wide.
1918 Signing of Armistice Treaty on 11 Nov, marks end of WWI on the Western front
1919 Versailles treaty was signed in 1919 (but final peace treaty signed 1923)

1923 Herbert and Sylvia Irene Marsans are married 10 Oct 1923 in Brooklyn, NY

1937 Hindenberg Disaster at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in NJ
1939 Beginning of WWII

1940 Herbert Alan Belin is born to Dorothy and Herbert 25 Jan 1940

1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 07 Dec 1941, US enters WWII

1942 Lt Col Herbert Alan Belin joins the Army
1945 The Empire State Building is set on fire by a B-25 Mitchell that crashed into it 28 July, 14 deaths.


Herb said...

What a great narative!! One point.. Mom and dad married in 1923??? I don't think so.. dad would have been 20 and mom a teenager.. chk the dates..

later pop

Michael-Ann said...

Well Dad, your absolutely right. I dug around in all my notes thinking maybe I typoed the date, but that seems to be the date that got stuck in my stuff throughout. In addition to the age aspect you point out, looking at the 1910,20, and 30 census it makes no sense that they would have been married at that time either.

As a matter of fact I don't know where the heck that date came from. I've contacted the researcher (and friend) who helped me a LOT when I started looking into this a couple years ago to see if he could help me.

Considering when you were born, it seems much more likely they married in the late 30's - unfortunately online public access to census information after 1930 is not an option because of privacy laws. :-( Grrrrr....

Thank you for bringing that error to my attention though!

Michael-Ann said...

Okay, I finally found the source for that date... There is an online database of Brooklyn marriages up until 1940. There was definitely a marriage of Herbert A. Belin in Brooklyn on October 10, 1923. Oddly enough, the wife is not listed under the Brides Index... go figure!

I placed an order for a copy of the marriage certificate from NYC Vital archives. They tell you it can take 4-6 weeks to process, but everything I have ordered this go-round has been delivered within a week or so. Hopefully, will know the answer soon.

Herb said...

I got it figured out... I should have told you... Dad was married twice. What you are seeing is his first not the second to my mother...


Herb said...

The other thing that is interesting is that he had already changed his middle name to alan at this point???

Michael-Ann said...

Dad, did you get the email I sent you today with the three articles I found in the NYTimes 1920-21 of a Herb Belin, swimming champ?

Biddie said...

Wow, Michael-Ann!! what a great bit of research!

I'm just reading through all your work from oldest post to the most recent ones so I haven't looked up at the more recent ones yet --- are you going to post the articles about Mr. B's swimming feats?

Michael-Ann said...

Hi Mom! I sure will, I am having trouble recalling what I have uploaded and what I haven't :-)

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