Thursday, July 23, 2009

I miss Old Nik

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He was such a good old dawg. He used to amble around following me everywhere I went in the yard, plodding along. This is an old pic I dug up this morning, one of the first times I tried HDR. I've been told technically its a crappy photo, but I like the way it turned out.


Cheryl said...

I'm so sorry to hear you lost one of your dogs, I know how heartbreaking that can be :(

Suzanne said...

we were sad to hear about your loss...He was a very good dog and he was lucky to have found you guys for a family!!!!

Suzanne & Jade

Michael-Ann said...

Suzy-Q! How are you? Love you bunches woman.

Suzanne said...

Not bad and you...I just finished my summer vacation ;(

Are you painting or making videos ???
I was sent this link recently to paint (with the click of the mouse) with Jackson Pollock style

You know that both Jade and I love you as well... (I think that both you and Gordy deserve medals for the devotion and caring of animals birds and cats )NO JOKE!!!

This year, I procrastinated in renewing my passport but I hope to see you guys, I miss all of my Texas friends!!!!

Michael-Ann said...

I hope you both had a nice break during your vacation... did you go anywhere? One of these days mon ami, I am going to take a vacation and come up there to see you and Jade (If you will allow of course) - most definitely during the summer to escape this miserable heat and all of heat's companion mosquitos ;-)

I don't think we qualify as apostles of St. Francis here yet, infact another small kitten has showed up and I am frustrated to no end to be given this responsibility. Just now, the neighbor's beagle has been barking non-stop, having trapped something under the shed in their backyard. Turns out it is a VERY friendly cat that the neighbor tried to tell me was mine... NO! I walked away as she tossed the cat over her back fence. SHE happily makes the cat someone else's problem, and I just had to walk away, being overwhelmed with what I have now. ARGH!

But now I am just pissing and moaning, sorry!

Do you have to renew your passport every year in Canada? I think ours our good for seven-ten years??? I don't know, will have to check on that!

I have not been doing any art for some time, well, if the "doodle" thing counts, then maybe I have been arting??? It doesn't feel like life-demands allow for being know? Somehow "art" feels like a selfish endeavor going nowhere, and to make it go somewhere would take too much precious time...frustrating.

Have you been arting? I hope so! Does Jade now paint too? I bet with you as a mother she would be very good with creating.

If you ever do get down here, you are always welcome in this place!

Biddie said...

Sorry about ol' Nik - old dogs are the best buddies!

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