Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I almost forgot to mention, we had about 15 minutes of rain today! WOOT! Now the mosquitoes are making a come back... little annoying jerks.


Cheryl said...

We've had a plague of mosquitoes up here...

Sitting here getting myself caffinated, I have to bring Boo down to the vet's this morning for his second surgery.

Last night we had a heck of a thunderstorm, after it lightened up I heard a thump outside on the porch...looked out the french doors and there was a face peering back at me. Scared the dickens outta me. A dog was standing there.

I called animal control, but he spent the night with us and now is laying next to me as I type this. Hopefully this morning some one will report him missing, he looks well cared for.

Ok, off to take a shower. Have a good day.

Michael-Ann said...

I gotta hand it to you, YOU are certainly THE biggest "critter-magnet" I know! Sometime ago a stray lab found us, he was in pretty bad shape. We ended up keeping him. I don't know what sort of treatment he had before us (i suspect not too good) but he is TERRIFIED of rain storms. At the slightest chance of rain he will refuse to go out, and as soon as the thunder kicks in he started shivering and drooling all over the place. Maybe your visitor got spooked by the storm. I hope the owners do send the word out for him.

I hope Boo does well with this second-round. Is it just as involved as the first? Its a good thing those goofy pug-nosed-under-bitten creatures are with you, otherwise I would have to say it sucks to be a bulldawg! You have the patience of Job taking care of them like you do. Its kinda survival of the fittest most the time around here, I think that is why the kids left so young...LOL!

I'll be keeping Boo in my thoughts for a successful day and speedy recovery.

Cheryl said...

I feel fortunate to have the bullies in my life...they fill my heart at the risk of sounding sappy lol.

They are high maintenance though for sure. I wish I had purchased an insurance policy for them, with this type of dog it would be well worth the money. Boo had the same procedure, right knee this time. Both of our summers are pretty much done for now :(

Oh well, with all this rain it doesn't seem we'll be having summer up here anyway.

My visitor (name of Domino) has been safely returned home. I called the vet on his tag this a.m. and they tracked him by his rabies vac. #

A very grateful and nice young man picked him up this afternoon, and it was the thunderstorm that spooked the dog and sent him bolting through a screen door.

It seems like you, Mom and I all have that vibe for critters. Funny huh, how do the animals know lol?

If you know a thunderstorm is predicted, a dose of Benedryl (2 caps if he's a good sized dog) can help settle him a little bit if given in advance. The Benedryl will make him sleepy and help take the edge off. Or that's the theory.

My rottie Bonnie was phobic as well, got worse as she aged and I would have to sedate her with a prescription from the vets. I was worried her old heart wouldn't take the stress.

Biddie said...

We managed to have a little rain over here also - enough to make it steamy and also encourage the 'skitters ...

I missed the news about Boo's 2nd operation going on - I hope it was successful - that dear little dog has had to endure a lot in his short life. Imagine had terrible his life would have been if he hadn't be so fortunate as to have a home with Cheryl.

My dogs also have a hard time with Th&L storms. I think part of it is that they hear frequencies in the noise that we can't hear.

Good on you for helping Domino out - how far away from your place was his home?

Cheryl said...

Howdy...how's your Monday going?

Art Will Save Us All said...

How do I get to follow this Blog? Just tell me how.

Cheryl said...

Just wanted to clarify: when I mentioned the dosage of Benedryl for dogs I meant capsules not capfuls...don't want anyone od'ing their pups :P

And that's for a big dog.

Now, whatcha doing, how've you been?

Michael-Ann said...

That's funny you clarified today.. we had a big patch of over-due storms roll through this morning, woke up to thunder, lightening, and a pretty good downpour... Noodle was already shivering and drooling away. I've been trying to teach him that it is okay by running out into the rain and calling all the dogs out with me... he's a lab fer gawd's sake... he needs to suck it up.

sitting outside at the moment and listening to a LOT of REALLY happy toads all about.

Doing okay here.

I snuck at work today and had a look at your blog, holy shit your gardens look wonderful!

On a completely unrelated note, Dad sent down Gustaf Emil's walking stick. It is something to behold. I wish I could sci-fi-like transport back in time and talk to the man, maybe have a look around Brooklyn while i was at it.

FINALLY got your doodle ready to mail tomorrow. I hate to bring it up, but it has been long enough you may be thinking WTF?! Love you!

HOWDY MR. MAX! I'm not exactly sure how to follow a blog, I've just sort of stumbled into that option along the way and haven't a clue where it was... *grin* Did you get wet today???

Cheryl said...

Re: Happy Toads: Remember you & I catching toads by the handful when we were kids? I rarely see them up here...and now that there are THREE garter snakes moved up to the pond area my frogs seem to be disappearing as well. Don't know what I'm going to do about that situation just yet...

Anyway, (sorry I wandered off there lol)...That's really cool that Dad gave you Gustav's walking stick. There are certain things that Dad is very sentimental about ~ it really means a lot that he gave it to you, and it's definitely in the right hands :) There's no~one that would treasure it more than you.

He was very happy at the thought of you having it :)

No worries about the doodle, I know enough about the creative process to understand it happens when it happens, you just can't force it (kind of like me trying to stuff myself into petite sized pantyhose...a lot of struggle & a little bit of trauma with not so spectacular results lol)

You plan with Noodle is a good one, often people exacerbate the phobia by trying to console the dog, petting him, cuddling etc. All that does is reinforce the behavior.

Tank has shown signs of developing the thunderstorm phobia in the last year...I put him in his crate where he feels safe and then ignore him. He's been better about it, of course yesterday's storm set him back a bit lol.

Well, I better stop gnawing on your ear & go do something to justify my existence for another day.

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