Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Toast Lady

While making our way through the IC Art stops and meeting artists, seeing their studios, and drinking their wine, one artist (and of course her work) definitely was a highlight for me... Linda Darke Swaynos. As Gordy and I rounded a corner on the 2nd floor of WinterStreet Studios we were tantalized by the smell of toast. There can't possibly be a person alive who doesn't some how respond to the smell of toast... it is right up there with popcorn and bread baking in the oven.

From the postcard:

Toast: A Celebration of Life

An installation by Linda Darke Swaynos of 2,400 pieces of toast (150 pounds, the average weight of a person).

The exhibition includes a creative station, where individuals can make their own toast-art, and a picture-hunt, paintings, drawings, prints, and all things toast will rise and take their place upon the walls or loaf about the room or do what ever they want to do.


Attendees were also encouraged to write their own toast Haikus on pictures of toast then post them on the wall.

This is a great installation, and Linda is bright, witty, fun, and passionate about her art.

For more info about Linda, her website is:

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Becky C. said...

I saw a machine where you could imprint patterns on toast. It was a digital thing. I'll see if I can find it --it is stored somewhere on one of these computers.


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