Friday, April 27, 2007


Just minutes ago we received an email from a Staff Sergeant in G Jr's platoon - we FINALLY have an address to send letters to him. They sent some more photos from the camp and many of the photos show groups of soldiers. Gordy and I examined each one trying to see a glimpse of G Jr... nada... oh well, it is okay because at LEAST we can start sending him stuff. We miss him so much! Gordy has the house phone roll over to his cell phone (which stays strapped to his belt 24/7) so that IF G Jr gets an opportunity to call we won't miss it.

While looking at the pictures that the SSG sent I noticed all the faces I could make out were those of grown MEN... I can't help but think how in contrast G Jr. looks so much like a boy- tall, skinny, quiet, not very social at all - his facial features very boyish. Even when we saw him at his graduation from boot camp, with his modified and more muscular physique - he STILL looked like a boy. He of course would NOT like to hear me say that. I wonder when we see him next will he appear like all those other weathered men?

Anyone who would like to write him, email me and I will send you the address, I'm not sure that it would be smart to post it right here in the blog. Please just know that he has not been able to spend much time writing back. My email is: michael [at]


JaneDoughnut said...

Is it just me, or is there a nice synchronicity between this and your Superhero post?

Becky C. said...

I would like you to pass him a big hug from me.


Michael-Ann said...

Hi Jane... I didn't see it till you mentioned it and all I can say is I like the way your mind works :)

Becky... hugs are enroute!

Anonymous said...

One thing is for shure and that is when most people start looking young to you that can only be because you are getting very old... You obviously have a ways to go.... hoorayyy Best of luck to GJR and tell him to stay safe for all of us. Hope this finds you and Gordo well and on top of your game. Nothing much new on this end. Still playing Suzie Homemaker with the new house but it is fun. Weather is just starting to turn for the better so have gotten both bikes out of mouthballs and am ready to go. Lori and I are going to buzz out to Vegas on wednesday and catch one of Celine Dion's last shows there. We both admire her singing talent. Other than that all is well, all is quiet.... Love you all... Take care, Pops

Michael-Ann said...

Hey Dad! Glad to hear that it has finally turned into riding weather up there! You and Laurie are a helluva a lot braver then me riding all the way to Vegas - just doing a couple hours on the back of G's motorcycle is enough to wear me out.

Hell, I rode about 25 miles into downtown from the house, a 7 mile run and then back home on the moped and I was EXHAUSTED :)

Ya'll be careful on your trip... love, me

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