Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Trash Talk

In an effort to give you deeper insight as to the scope and magnitude of the messy problem over at Carol's Lighting, I asked some everyday unbiased members of the public to follow me out to the fence, take a peak at the pile, and then give me their impression of the scene. They hesitantly agreed to be photographed for the sake of documenting this interview.

As you can see, some of the witnesses shrunk back in fear, actually worried that a sudden gust of wind might cause them to become burried alive by the pulsating, out-of-control heap of rubbish... most of the other witnesses reacted quite angrily, pointing at the mess in shocked disbelief and shouting in protest about the clearly inexcusable habitual litter-buggering going on right in their very own little town.

Well, this wraps up today's tidbit from your Humble, yet-oh-so-lovable, non-confrontational, trailer-trash reporter... over an out good buddies!


Carolyn said...

10-4, good buddy. keep on truckin'!

mike macgirvin said...

Much better composition. :-) Except I hate to say it, but maybe a bit of confrontation is required in this case. They're not only messing up the neighborhood, but look at all their trash that's spilling onto your weblog.

Actually, I just recalled that I was chastised once by some lowly city bureaucrat in the 'downtown committee' for letting trash pile up behind my former business. Two hours mind you, on one of the busiest days of the year. But this implies that probably other cities likewise have some useless pencil-pusher who actually gets paid to hassle people about their trash. Might be worth a phone call. It would be the same people that hassle businesses about whether their sidewalk signs are 6mm too wide.

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