Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Official stuffff

Well I have decided that I am done trying to "sell myself" as a an artist... no more public approval more shows, no more marketing. This doesn't mean that I am going to stop doing my website, because well, artonthewing is a part of me that will never go away. This also doesn't mean that I will stop doing art. If a juried show comes up and I happen to have something to submit, I might, but I am not actively going after sales anymore... I'm done hemorrhaging money on this folly of mine.


Biddie said...

What happened???

Cheryl said...

The irony is that you might find yourself more marketable and in demand once you've removed that pressure from yourself. And I bet your paintings will be even richer, because in your heart they will truly be just for you and your expression. No pressure!

Michael-Ann said...

No one thing happened Mom, I have been leading up to this decision for some time now. Didn't mean to sound dramatic to the point that you might think some thing had happened.

Cheryl I think that is the direction I am heading toward: no pressure, no obligations, and no expectations connected to arting.

I seem to have an uncontrollable urge to offer up of myself what I do not have available and ultimately wind up feeling resentful. It is a silly-ass cycle that I can't seem to break and it is doing me (or anyone else) no good at all.

Mitch! said...

Yowza! Hey does that mean you'll hang out in our "hospitality" tent now at the market? I need to bring a game table then!

Cheryl said...

Mikie, you could bring the nudie cards! I'm thinking you need a hug, you seem out of sorts today.
Daily affirmation for Mikie:
You're talented
You care deeply about others
You are kind to animals
Your smile lights up a room
You are passionate
You're generous of spirit
You've brought two beautiful women into the world..
There, feel better?

Michael-Ann said...


better better better

Biddie said...

I'm so glad that I figured (years ago) that a child should never be an only child - that siblings are really good for each other!!!!

After all the c*** that you two went thru learning to love and care for each other, it is now obvious that it was all worth it!

Cheryl said...

I'm really just after her money.

Michael-Ann said...

HA HA ha ha ha ha ha :)

Mike Macgirvin said...

Selling oneself is a tough job - I once thought I could do it also. Not everybody is good at it. I frittered away just over a million bucks learning this lesson. Hopefully it will come a bit cheaper for you.

Shelli said...

say it isn't so! (altho i can certainly relate!!!)

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