Monday, July 16, 2007


this weekend was a quiet one with the exception of some hellaceous storms that blew through... my weekend was primarily full of animal-need tending and laundry, as G went on a 100-mile run out in the Katy Prairie area. The pic above is from another bike run G went on, but i like it so much I had to post it here.

Sunday, after 3 tries G Jr. was finally able to get a phone connection that allowed him to hear me and know I was on the line with him.. the phone connections are so bad for the most part Big G and I just try to just listen to him talk when he calls.

His base had just come off a "Black Out" this is a term the military uses to describe shutting down all outside access from the camp. Doing so enables the military to officially notify families of the deaths of their children before the family happens to hear about it through "gossip."

The camp had been attacked by mortar rounds. The tent next to G's was wiped out, many were injured, a few were killed. Mortar hit about 50 feet in front of the truck G was in... thank fully he was protected. G talked a lot about the sounds of the incoming mortar and the amount of shrapnel that gets scattered about by them.

G is supposed to get to come home for R&R in October... we are looking forward to having him home.

all day yesterday was a dark cloud - literally and emotionally.

Around 6pm or so, enough of the clouds had lifted that the sun was coming through...everything outside was awash with a beautiful golden light... and shafts of golden-yellow light shone through the windows on the west side of the house... looking outside, the wet foliage looked especially green and alive.


Biddie said...

It sounds like the area that G-Jr is in is no longer quite as isolated as was when he first got there. How horrible on the nerves to be next to that tent that was hit ..... I shudder.

Praying that October comes quickly and safely for him!!

JaneDoughnut said...

My "brother in law" of sorts left for Iraq on Sunday. Here's to hoping they all come home safe.

Richard said...

My brother is en-route to Iraq.


Hang in there.

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