Thursday, January 17, 2008

someone has been busy!

Thank you Herb :) Aake stopped by and translated the text of Maria's Words on one of the first pages of her album!

Aake's translation:

Speak act not before you reflect on your words and considered where every step you intend to take leads.

Then dishonor will flee far away, and in your house disgrace will be a stranger, remorse blame not haunt you, neither affliction taxing your cheek.

Listen therefore to the voice of consideration, her voice is the voice of wisdom and her words will lead you to confidence and truth.

Thank you Aake! After almost 100 years of silence, you have given Maria her voice back :)


Jamie Lee Awesome said...

Heh... You make it sound like Maria's been through a hundred years of oppression instead of 100 years of being dead :D

Biddie said...

Did Aake say anything about the cadence or poetic rhythm in the original Swedish (I'm assuming)?

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