Saturday, January 19, 2008

boo boos, good drugs, and monkeys

Fresh out of surgery after having the bursa removed from his left knee... Gordy is living proof that yes, like tires, people can have blow outs too.
Gordy fresh out of surgery
Now G begins a race of a different sort, this one to see if he can heal well enough to run that triathlon he has set his sights on in the spring.


Biddie said...

Jumping jehosaphate!!! I'm sorry to hear this. Was this an injury that was caused because he wouldn't back off his running? Did it come on slowly -or- literally, blow-out as he was out on a run?
As part of the surgery, did some kind of little support pad get placed into the knee??

Please tell him that I hope he does heal quickly and completely. Is this something that he will have to curtail his future running?

A lot of questions, but also a lot of concern for him - running is a great passion of his ....

Michael-Ann said...

Hi Mom! It has slowly been degenerating... he had been in a few times to have the fluid drained off. The last time he had it drained it filled back up the very same day. Which was pretty much the final blow-out, i feel hastened by the fact that as soon as he would get home from the Dr. he would go running! :p

We have not been able to talk to his Dr. after surgery yet. (i was a little erked! but the Doc was pretty busy)

Have a follow-up in 6 days. He's on 48 hrs of only walking to bathroom and other small necessities, then 2 weeks of limited use.

I understand you have a leg injury as well!! as soon as i get all my chores finished am going to call you. As my friend Herb pointed out ...You should be using cold packs on that sort of injury.. not warm ones! Love you and will talk to you in a few (hopefully!)

Richard said...

Hope you get better Gordon, best wishes.

Shelli said...

aw, poor Gordie! get well SOON!!!

Michael-Ann said...

WIshes duly passed on to da man! He said THANK YOU!!!

Shelli said...

give him a hug for me too, would ya?
miss ya'll bunches!

MarcTwyman said...

Gordy looks pretty cheerful for just getting out of surgury. Must be the drugs.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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