Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Shelli and moi enamored with the black throne at Winter Street Studios.

And I offer up to you my dear Shelli...exhibit "A" henceforth known as the dream black-toity-to-die-for (or on) as the case may be.

Boo boooooooo bunny!


Cheryl said...

Well, I went over to that other blog to debate you, but I lost my nerve. So I'll do it here:

IS NOT!!!!

Michael-Ann said...

IS SO!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Prove it.

Mitch! said...


(i just love taking [no] sides)

Cheryl said...

Score: Cheryl Lee 1, Mikie 0!!!

Michael-Ann said...

uh... not just yet HONEY BUNNY... don't be puttin them thar hashmarks in yer fried pork rind just yet... I'm a still thinking onnit...



okay, this is going to take a little longer than I originally expected.

Cheryl said...

Hey Mikie, I think I'm going to go grease a muffin pan... Just so you stay abreast of my life. Boy, is there a nip in the air today!! I guess I need to give up pole vaulting, I keep getting splinters from the wood. I guess I better stop making mountains out of molehills!

Michael-Ann said...

are you telling me that you were so confident about the success of your poke that you were willing to give yourself a score BEFORE issuing it????


yes, i know my tendency to draw meaning from places where it does not exist and in ways that it was not meant, is a sad testimony to the gutter in which my mind has a tendency to float about in.


woo hooo! score one fer me now... I called you a BOOGER! hee hee... run away, RUN AWAY!!!!

Shelli said...

Boo Boo!! Boo Boo-licious!!
i miss you!

Michael-Ann said...


Now wait a minute... I didn't notice Meetch up there being all noncommittal and everything... HI MITCH!

Mitch said...


I'm voting for whomever is NOT getting the pork rinds. YUCK

Michael-Ann said...

Oh wait! Do tell! Who's grey matter would that be I see over there, bouncing off the empty Lonestar beer can in the weeds?


Cheryl said...

I know my tendency to pull forth soliloquies from my ass is a sad testimony to my state of mental atrophy..or a fine example of how Nature compensates for damaged goods.
Either way..consider your own hash settled, the score reflects your lack of a reply in our debate.
If it were indeed "so" then of course it would be reflected in the growth patterns of shittake mushrooms, and easily detected by the centrifugal force of water flushed down a toilet. Please consult Dr. Helmut Veenerstroken's body of work if you need further documentation.

Michael-Ann said...

Gurl! Don't make me giggle over here...

Okay! I admit it. your the weiner of this round!

I will be back.

Mitch said...

Your pontificated conceited attitude toward your peers will get you nowhere!

Michael-Ann said...

You should refrain from talking about yourself in the second person... it really gets scairy sometimes.

Mitch said...

Flattery! Or is that flatulence?

Becky C. said...

Death on the toilet seems to be a theme around here:)


Michael-Ann said...

Becky, don't tell anyone, but i feel a YouTube video in the making.

Cheryl said...

There I sat
making a deposit,
alone again
in the water closet.
As I lit a cigarette
I didn't know
that methane gas
creates a thunderous blow
This lesson I learned
alas too late,
As I stand here knocking
at the pearly gate...
toilets can be
fraught with peril
please remember me friends~
my name was Cheryl.

Michael-Ann said...

oh no you jis di'int... HA HA ha! snapping my fingers up in heah!

mike macgirvin said...


Woohoo... I got ten bucks on Cheryl; but I shoulda' learnt by now never to bet against a redhead.

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