Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blog Against Sexism Day

Over in Becky's blog, which is ALWAYS choc-full o' wit, wisdom, and sexy content, I learned that today is Blog Against Sexism Day.

Sadly, I can't recall facts, never have been a fact person. I read or hear them, then promptly "record" my reaction or response, instead of the important bits regarding WHY my opinion was impacted.

So I can't do the right thing, and mention the names of women who helped initiate a change in mindset regarding the status of women in society. However, I am eternally grateful to those strong women who did what they did.

If they had not fought those battles, without a doubt, I would have been burned on a stake at a witch-roasting party YEARS ago.

A while back, Gordy was having some fun with me and posted this in his blog... I don't know who to give credit to for the scan of the article, nor do I know who underlined and highlighted the various parts. In 1955, in America, this was the real deal.

Clearly, a LOT has transpired within this country and within my lifetime to enable me to know (and unabashedly proclaim in writing) that I would gnaw my own arms off before pulling another cupcake out of the oven had some one tried to get me to live by this shit.


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