Tuesday, August 21, 2007

bits o' wisdom from the severly unqualified

mikie say:
to remain in a perpetual state of contemplation results in reposing prose.

Howdy ya'll! as you may have noticed (or not) i have not had a whole lot of anything notable in quite some time... honestly, i still don't, but am feeling like a real slacker not saying anything at all - i mean really, how much effort DOES it take to come up with SOMETHING?


Whats going on in my life? hmmmm... not a lot. On the other hand, G-Spot got himself a new recumbent bicycle, loves it, and will be riding it this weekend in one of Texas' biggest bicycle events - the "Hotter'N Hell Hundred" out in Wichita Falls.

i'll be staying home with the critters.

i REALLY need to get my "groove" back and do some painting... or something creative. Yesterday, received an email that the Lawndale Art Center has the tins available for creating retablos for their Dia de los Muertos event. Even with only one tin allowed per artist, the tins go quickly. Would like to try to make it down there to pick one up sometime this week during my lunch break. Maybe, just MAYBE if i actually get a tin and sit long enough staring at it, communing with it, i will suddenly become so incredibly inspired as to break this 6-month shit-funk i have been in.

Maybe it is time for me to try another medium, or another subject? hmmmm... maybe i just need to dye my hair.


GeologyJoe said...

W2G G. Pass on that while I love my recumbent (Rans Stratus) It my secondary ride. Primarily because it is deathly slow up hill.

What is this 'tin' you speak of? I'm sure your painting groove will return. No one can create constantly.

NightDancer said...

Does reclination hinder declamation? Or further reclamation? What is the claim that is declaimed or reclaimed? How can I decline to recline on an incline if I have not yet... er... clined?

Michael-Ann said...

Hey GJoe :) I passed along yer comment - and G said "Ohhhhhh..."

I don't think he has had an op to ride on anything other than flat ground. He plans to do a triathylon for his 50th birthday and says the rules don't allow participants to ride recumbents in them, so he plans to keep up with his regular bike.

the tins are just a small rectangular sheet of aluminum that everyone has to use as the base for whatever they create... some folks go with traditional retablos, but most artists get pretty crazy with it and you can't even tell the original tin lies somewhere within the finished piece :)

OMG Free! I think so... not sure... well perhaps so, but not often...owwwww my head is starting to hurt and i think there is smoke coming from my ears. :D

Suzanne said...

I know how you feel about the funk, I've been in one in quite a while myself... I think that you should try sculpting (clay, rock, glass or metal)...I'm have no doubt that you would be amazing at it!!!!

Michael-Ann said...

SuzyQ! thank you fer the vote of confidence...i'm thinking you may be right about a change in that direction...maybe i just need to wrap my hands around something 3-D...

Jamie Lee Awesome said...

take a second life vacation!

Shelli said...

great minds think alike! i'm going dwn 2day after wk to pick up a tin! wish i could pick up 1 for you also, but they only allow you to get 1. ack!
and, i'm trying to get my "groove" back 2! if we did 1 of our oil finger-painting collaborations,
we'd both get our grooves back!

Biddie said...

Having found myself to be rather artistically-challenged, I've always been amazed at the interesting things that pore out of you dear daughter!!

There must be an amazing amount of internal pressure that you feel when the "pour" slows down a bit! Don't worry - relax - soon you will be busy with lots of new ideas .... It can't help but be that way!!!!

Suzanne said...

This may be interesting and helpful in your search:

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