Friday, May 11, 2007

arrrrgggghhhh day

-look at the clock-
voice in my head: crap, 2 hours and 10 minutes until 5 o'clock.
-wander to bathroom-
VIMH: heh, everyone thinks i'm taking a dump, but I'm REALLY just sitting here making faces at myself in the mirror across from the toilet.
-wash hands-
-trudge back to my desk-
-amble outside-
VIMH: i wonder if I have any wine left at the house after last night? crap.
-take a smoke break-
VIMH: need to quit one of these days.
-drag back to my desk-
VIMH: is today a payday or was that last week?
-look at the clock-
internal dialog: crap, 2 hours and 9 minutes until 5 o'clock.


Jamie Lee Awesome said...

At least you can drink coffee and eat solid food.

Biddie said...

Hey !! Good morning to ya, Sunshine!! And Happy Mother's Day !!

Hope you get a great breakfast in bed .....

Carolyn said...

love it!

JaneDoughnut said...

I think the voice in your head is schizophrenic. (More wine! Quit smoking!)

Michael-Ann said...

*grin* I think you are on to something Jane!

I need to lively up my posts el pronto like.

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