Sunday, August 02, 2009


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Gordy's pics from Max & Michael's Private party last night...

Max and Michael celebrated their soon-to-be Gallery in the old Heights Movie Theatre on 19th street. We are so excited for them being able to take over this place, it actually got us out of the house to celebrate with them.

There is no doubt, M&M are going to make this new venue THE place to go (not just in the Heights) but all of Houston for sure.


Biddie said...

The 2 M's took over the whole theatre?? Including the lobby, the seating area and the stage,

Wow!! That's quite an undertaking - that is exciting - I wish them the best!!!

Cheryl said...

Nice picture of you :)

Michael-Ann said...

Hi Cheryl and Mom!

Yep they took over the whole dang place, if anyone can make something special out of that old theatre, the two of them will (they have some great support too).

*grin* I kinda like that pic too Cheryl, dark alleyways and low-res cameras seem to bring out the best in me ... gonna have to try that more often.

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