Monday, December 17, 2007

Descendants of Emil Belin

A friend whom i met online (who has access to census databases) volunteered to see what he could find regarding my long given up search for information about my family tree. Within a few hours this is what he found:

Descendants of Emil Belin

Generation No. 1

1. EMIL BELIN was born Oct 1867 in Sweden, and died Bet. 1910 - 1920 in New York. He married MARIA E. UNKNOWN 1898. She was born Feb 1872 in Sweden, and died Bet. 1920 - 1930 in New York.

Notes for EMIL BELIN:
In 1904 Emil, Maria, and Herbert returned to Brooklyn from trip back to Sweden ( ? ). Boat was the Oscar II and sailed from Christiana, Copenhagen, Denmark September 22, 1904 arriving in New York October 3, 1904.

More About EMIL BELIN:
Immigration: 1892, New York
Occupation: 1900, Cabinet Maker
Residence: 1900, 129 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Per 1910 Census:
David S. Belin listed as son. Does not appear to be correct, he is shown to have immigrated in 1903 in Pa.

Caroline Lindbergh 26
Paul W Osterberg 28
John F Osterberg 26
Carl Lindbergh 23
George Bergstrom 21

Per 1920 Census:
Widow, both parents born in Sweden.

Cousins Maria Edlund ( 33 ) and her daughter ( 2 1/2 ) were residing there. Works as maid in boarding house.

Immigration: 1894, New York
Naturalization: Bef. 1920
Occupation: 1920, Runs Boarding House
Residence: 1920, 1410 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, Ward 9, Kings County, New York

Children of EMIL BELIN and MARIA UNKNOWN are:

i. HERBERT ALAN BELIN, b. 09 Jun 1903, New York; do. 18 Aug 1964.
Middle initial wrongly listed as 'J' in 1910 Census.
Name: Herbert Alan Belin
Birth Date: 9 Jun 1903
Death Date: 18 Aug 1964
Service Start Date: 7 Nov 1942
Interment Date: 21 Aug 1964
Cemetery: Beverly National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 916 Bridgeboro Road Bridgeboro Road Beverly, NJ 08010
Buried At: Section Y Site 2111

Burial: 21 Aug 1964, Beverly National Cemetery, 916 Bridgeboro Road Bridgeboro Road Beverly, NJ 08010, Section Y Site 2111
Military service: 07 Nov 1942, Us Army
Occupation: 1930, Telephone Repairman
Residence: 1930, Lodging house owned by Hilda Peacock, Talley Road, Montclair, NJ

ii. UNKNOWN BELIN, b. Bet. 1901 - 1910; d. Bef. 1910.


Mitch said...

Perhaps this would explain your penchant for red hair.

Jamie Lee Awesome said...

we're swedish!

Mitch said...

Is it time to start with the "Swedish Jokes?"

Michael-Ann said...

yah..Svedish jokes vould be gute :)

Well, take into account the dilution ratio Hoot :)... I've always been told that name is Swedish. Aunt Dee Dee was the person who mentioned to me once that the name originated in France, and the Swedish part came into play when ancestors escaped the French Revolution to Sweden.

I of course have no verification of that at all.

One cool thing, is now having two addresses verified... i have ordered B&W photos taken in the 30's for NY Tax purposes of both the boarding house and Emil's residence 8 yrs after coming to America. Assuming the original buildings still existed in the 30's of course :)

mike macgirvin said...

My grandfather is supposed to be a German prince (I'm quite serious), and related to the Windsors and the Romanovs and everybody else who's anybody. Problem is that he changed his name when he immigrated. Just picked a name out of the blue. On the other side of the family, nobody could spell the name right so they spelled it seven different ways. You've no idea how hard it is to track a family tree where people keep making up family names as they go.

Michael-Ann said...

Mike!! Hello and good to "see" you! OH MY! i seem to have forgotten myself :) *bows* in the presence of royalty... how cool is that? It would be interesting to see your tree i bet.

As i understand it many immigrants had their name changed when they got to America simply because the people taking information could not spell :(

Richard said...

I was told I was part-Irish for most of my life, so I went to Ireland to embrace a sense of heritage. But after a few attempts of eating lamb and one sip of that warm brown stuff they call beer, I knew with all certainty I was not of this country's blood.

I returned promptly, "Mother, I am not Irish."

She said, "Of course you're not, you're Scottish."

Well, that explained bagpipes and color red.

The other side dropped the "Von" when coming to America, from Germany, or sometimes Poland, depends on which war.

Haven't met too many lassies from Sweden, but I liked them well enough, and they generally liked me. Except the one who sat behind me on the flight to Ireland -- somewhere over the Atlantic I asked the flight attendant if I could throw her off the plane, but he was from Sweden too. I guess they stick together.

Best wishes in 08'

Interesting stuff.

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